Why space is cold then the earth or sun?

Why space is cold then the earth or sun?

Why space is cold then the earth or sun?

Why space is cold then the earth or sun?

The question has a lot of power, and in the past scientists have asked questions that changed the world. A similar question was asked a hundred years ago by a scientist.

Light was obtained by burning. A scientist came and asked if there was any way I could get light without burning one day. He started working on it and he did ten thousand experiments. His name was Edison Kam.

Edison and then he took us to the bridge. Today these people are everywhere, about whom I am recording. They are there together, so we realize how much power there is in one question and how it can change the world. A few days ago I was doing my morning walk and found a child.

He made a very innocent shape and asked me if there is sun in space and the sun is very hot and we know that there are three people including then study. Why is the question so important and I started to think that there are first starters in our university and this star is constantly warming us up.

If so, then the university temperature should be higher, but before our university temperature is lower, we need to know how the head can be transferred from one place to another.

There are three ways. The first way is connection. In it you have these contacts with heart surgery so when and with the service they are cured then from one place to another place in the house this head starts to move from one place to another place.

The third method is the radiation in which they move from one place to another through electromagnetic lady shows. If you look here, you will see from afar what is being transferred from today to the water we are coming to is through the edition. It is being done through the electric net shirt.

We can see from a distance that in the case of light, they are also electromagnetic.

They were colliding with each other and they are transferring.

They are getting infected due to the movement of the meter. I do whatever you want here through the connection, they are vibrating from the atom, they are transferring Eid from one place to another, so here are three ways to transfer from one place to another when we talk about it.

There are and they say how Eid can be transferred from one place to another, then there is transfer through radiation. For example, let’s talk about a system, let’s just talk about it.

Here I have shown you another. It just has more photos coming in and less photons going out of the head, which means it’s just whistling, it’s slowly warming up, reading its temperature and its The reason is that the number of photons that are coming in, the number of photos and the number of voters that are going inside are very low.

They take the attack on the other side. I’m getting closer to it, so I’m deleting it as soon as I see it coming in, and it’s just a bar.

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