get More Google Traffic

The way to get More Google Traffic in 2020

The way to get More Google Traffic

get More Google Traffic

The way to get more Google traffic working with a new SEO technique. In fact, this new technique has helped take one of my webpages to 23,500 organic traffic per month.

I have also used the same technique to more than 10X, my clicks within a week. We gonna help you through the entire search engine optimization process.

The new strategy I’m about to discuss with you is called Snippet Bait. As you might have figured, this strategy is all about getting your articles rated in the featured snippet place because featured snippets appear above the classic first page results.

I have been putting a lot of emphasis and time over the past year or so, which ultimately led me to develop this snippet lure approach. Thanks largely to snippet lure.

I went from actually about five snippets to based on ahrefs rank for over 200 featured snippets, including some like that bring in over 10,000 visitors per month. Now, to be clear, by the time you see this video, I might or might not be ranking for that specific featured snippet.

There may not be a featured snippet at all of the idea here is not that you are always gonna get from the featured snippet, a hundred per cent of the time. It’s one of these things that because of Google algorithms changes aren’t always in flux, but when you add snippet baits to your webpage, you dramatically increase the probability you will rank as a featured snippet. With that out of the way, let us get right into the measures, beginning with step number zero rank on the first page of Google.

When ahrefs tested 2 million featured snippets, 1 thing stood out, the material within an featured snippet comes out of a first page result, literally 99% of their time. And I’ve noticed the same thing, unless you’re on the very first page, Google is not gonna use your content in the featured snippet. That is because Google wants to pull featured snippet content from pages they trust.

To put it differently, sites which are already rank on the first page. So if you’re already on the first page of Google for a given keyword, there is pretty much a 0 percent chance that you’ll receive in the featured snippet. But if you are on page , it is time for me to reveal to you the very first step, which will be to come across featured snippet chances.

Specifically, you wish to find key words that you already rank on Google’s first page for and have a featured snippet on top of the page. As an instance, I rank in the top five to how to get more views on YouTube. And there is a featured snippet already there, but as you can see another site, not mine is standing in the featured snippet.

This is a feature snippet chance that I could potentially use snippet bait to rank for. And if you wanna scale this process and make things a tiny bit easier, you can use a tool like ahrefs AMAs to find keywords that you rank for that also have a characteristic snippet in the outcomes.

Now that you discovered a featured snippet chance, it is time to recognize the type of feature snippet which you’re looking at.

That way it’s possible to create snippet bait for this specific type of featured snippet. There are four key varieties of featured snippets that you wanna keep an eye out for.

Snippet of texts

To start, we have the definition box. This is a snippet of texts that is designed to provide searchers a direct, succinct description or definition. The definition box tends to show up when people are searching for definition key words, like no follow links, articles management system, or OMAD diet.

These also sometimes show up for what is, or what are key words, like what is your paleo diet? Another common kind of showcased snippet is known as the table.

That is where Google pulls information from a page and displays it as a desk. Here’s a good illustration. The third important attribute snippet to keep a look out for is the ordered list.

This is a listing of items or steps presented in sequence, and as you might expect, Google will use this type of attribute snippet for keywords which need a set of steps or things in order.

You find these a lot for how to keywords, such as how to start a company. Last up, we have the unordered list. That is Google’s way of presenting a listing of things that don’t need to be in any specific order.

Measure number three, create your snippet bait. So at this time you discovered a featured snippet chance and figure it out the sort of characteristic snippet that Google is employing.

Now it is time to add snippet bait to your webpage. So what is snippet bait? Snippet lure is a snippet of material in your webpage, that is specifically designed to behave as a showcased snippet. By way of instance, I have recently wanted to position from the featured snippet for the key word channel description.

I included this snippet lure to the peak of the page, which assisted me catch the featured snippet place in about a week.

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