how to construct strong backlinks to your site

How to construct strong backlinks to your site

Construct strong backlinks to your site

how to construct strong backlinks to your site

Today you’re gonna learn precisely how to construct strong backlinks to your site. In fact, I have used the strategies I’m going to reveal you to receive links from sites like Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc., Entrepreneur, and more.

Today I am gonna show you nine proven link building approaches and some advanced techniques I have never heard anybody else talk about. Keep watching. (light music) We’ve got a lot to pay in the modern video so let us get started. Back then, spammy black hat link building was all the rage. In fact, my go-to approaches were things like article directories and connect pyramids.

Link Reserve? That seems amazing. These black hat hyperlinks worked okay until Google unleashed its Penguin upgrade. This upgrade wiped out 98% of my Google traffic overnight.

Additionally, I started to rank for competitive keywords like movie SEO, keyword research, on-page SEO, and much more. Without further ado, let’s kick things off with plan number one, connect roundups.

Imagine if folks publish blog articles for the sole purpose of linking out to quality content, the type of quality content that you publish on your website.

That would be awesome, right? Fortunately for us, that is a real thing and they are called connection roundups. What are link roundups precisely? By way of example, this can be a connection I recently built from a roundup.

Now let’s break down the exact process that I used to find that link. First, you have to find link roundups in your industry. Here are a couple of search strings that work very well.

Simply pop these search strings in to Google and you need to find a lot of high-quality roundups. When you find the link roundup which seems like a good match, it is time to pitch your content.

Here’s the email script that I use. I just let the individual know that my articles exists and gently suggest that they include it in their next roundup. If your article is a good match for this individual’s roundup, then you’ll find a sweet link. That’s all there is to it.

With that, it is time for our second strategy, broken link construction. Broken link building is one of my all-time favourite link building strategies. Why? You see, when most men and women build hyperlinks, they send generic pictures that offer zero value.

Can I have a connection, please? Thank you. Send. Here’s the step-by-step process. First, add Check My Links to Google Chrome. I’ll explain to you how to utilize this instrument in a minute. However, for now, let’s move on to step two.

Find a website you wish to get a link from. You probably already have a few sites in mind. Otherwise, just Google keywords associated with your business.

The websites that show up in the search results are great websites to have backlinks from. By way of instance, last year I needed to build links to this listing of SEO tools so I googled items such as SEO checklist and SEO tutorial. Next, it is time to test for broken links.

To do this, just visit a few pages on the website you just found and operate the Check My Links extension. This will show all of the broken links on this page.

Finally, allow the site owner know about their broken link and offer your articles as a substitute.

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