How Best Education System schools teach their Students?

How Best Education System schools teach their Students?

How Best Education System schools teach their Students?

How Best Education System schools teach their Students?

Today’s program is about the best education system in the world, , I have tried to follow their style. We will talk about the world’s best Education system that has astonished the whole world.

What is so special about this education system?

The point is to check their results and the results will not be checked by the people of their own school, but the program for international students will check their results through the mainland pizza testing which would be the biggest test in the world.

This test involves children from all over the world who are big countries in education and their age is 15 years. In 15 years children pay taxes in three different subjects all of which are justices of science and mathematics.

There are tests and there are rating tests and based on them they are assigned assignments and scores are given. Yes, I will take Amy to the country which has kept its dhak in the test from 2000 to 2012. The name of this country is Flat De Five Twenty Five Mili. Its population is a country with a population of one million. So you can guess that between 2010 and 2012 they got higher marks in science than the children of all the pizza countries in the anniversary.

I am showing you another group in which you can also see the compression of different countries. You can see the movie is at the top and the United States is at the bottom of these countries, so it gives you an idea of ​​how good Finland’s education system is. Of the five countries, this is the only one that ruled the pizza test for 12 years.

If you show me a list of these countries, I’m pretty good at it. You will see the first of them or see some of your China, Japan and Canada at the moment, then this is the cheetah country that you see getting very good marks in mathematics. If you look at the performances of hot science in the same way, you will see that the fund delegation is Najran, China and Canada.

Then there are very good countries. When it comes to Finland, what are the things in their shift that make their children feel so good? So let’s move on to the key things that set the Front’s education system apart from other education systems. Prove and the whole world is engaged in copying their education system. There are many of them in which I will show you.

You will see that the headlines of USA, UK, France, Germany are all countries. And they want to write their special things in their own country in some way, so the first thing is to bring seven-year-olds to school, not to bring young children to school. They are allowed to stay at home so that they can learn from their grandmother.

They can learn from their grandmother. They can learn from their parents. Participate in all kinds of activities and this thing is being taken out in many other countries. Here I show you the headline of an American newspaper which is saying that we should learn from the fund and we should have children at the age of seven.

Should be brought to school. At the same time, Finland gives free food to his children. He gives food himself. From 1953 onwards, bread and alimony are being given to them and their food should be given now. School gives food to children. And this thing is being upgraded. You can see in it that I showed you the headline of an English newspaper here and if it is added in the countries, then I was reading the document.

That’s why I Gave a picture from there and get a sample of it so I can display all the details along with it here so you can see that there is a boiled potato inside it there are vegetables there is also what is raw There are also vegetables, there is also a fish penny which they call and a glass of milk

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